Would I Love You . . . Enough?

It is ever so true,

That as we rise in the frequencies of LIGHT,

We are called to give ever-higher vibrations of LOVE.

More powerful * more true * more soulful.


Sometimes, Gifts have to be given in special ways.  This is especially true in the Realm of Light, where Oneness Reigns.

Here, our most Soul*ful Gifts . . . are the ones given within our most fearless LOVE.  A love that the mind can never fathom, but which the soul and essence immediately recognizes and embraces.

For these times, courage is required.  And an inner covenant is made with THE SOUL OF LIGHT of whomever the gift is for.

Gifts of LOVE are given in some especially bold and extraordinary ways sometimes.  Stay within THE LIGHT and – no matter the outcome in human terms – ALL WILL BE WELL.  ALL WILL BE LOVE.

ALL IS YOU  . . . living as who you truly are.  PURE LOVE * WITH NO FEAR

Here is a fascinating, soulful explanation from the realms of light . . . for just such times.  Contemplate  And Enjoy!


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