What Are . . . The Secrets Of Light?

What are . . .

The Secrets Of Light? 

Where do they come from? 

Why do we all eventually yearn to know the truths they hold?

The Secrets Of Light are ancient, primordial knowings.  Every Being of Light holds these truths in their Essence.  Every Being is born of the same light of Oneness – and your spark which became your ESSENCE came forth from these same, wondrous truths.

Are they your truths?  Whether they become yours or not is simply A CHOICE.  A choice you make – to remember and to awaken into all that you already truly are in your center.  The Heart of Oneness is where your truest self resides.  Living there?   Is not just magical.  It’s downright MIRACULOUS!

The Secrets of Light live within each of us.  If you have forgotten them – and, thus, who YOU truly are . . . it is time to remember.  To AWAKEN.  To release that which is your highest knowing of life and spirit – and yourself – from Within.

Special Beings came forward nearly two decades ago to ensure we could all hear and know . . . THE SECRETS OF LIGHT.  These beings requested the information be held in sacred trust.  It is now being given to the world – to those who are choosing TO LIVE as who you truly are – PURE LIGHT.  What does that mean?  LIGHT is PURE LOVE.  The highest frequency energy in all of creation – that creation presence and energy from which every Being – including you and all around you – poured forth from within its sovereign, sacred flow of Light.

To live that means . . . holding  NO FEARBecause LOVE does not hold fear.  It’s as simple as that.

Here are some powerful SECRETS OF LIGHT.  Embracing ONENESS is a soulful destiny for us all.  The sooner, the better.  For only those who can hold and live that frequency can continue life on earth in form now.


The Choice – IS YOURS.

And the moment

Is now.

The Secrets Of Light given here are PRELUDES.  If you can move into these as a new form of wisdom to explore, your vibrational frequencies will rise into the dimension where THE TRUEST SECRETS OF LIGHT can be revealed – embraced – and LIVED.  These preludes to THE SECRETS are being offered here as a beautiful, inspiring gift to the world.  They hold hidden entryways into THE SECRETS OF LIGHT themselves.  They are simple and profound.  They will open your heart if you allow yourself to go deeper into your sacred heart – and reveal THE ONENESS OF LIGHT it holds..

Don’t expect them to be the truths you already know and live – what would be the point in that?


The Point Is To . . .