Secrets Of Light #7 – Preludes
“Death Is The Portal . . . Of Our Deepest Fear”

DEATH is the portal

Through which our lives are awakened into TRUE LIGHT. 

We can live that truth of TRUE LIGHT – while we are here with forms – or not.

For most humans, the biggest – deepest – darkest fear . . . is that of death.  Think you’re not afraid of death?  Just watch yourself when something foreign appears in your body or you are almost in a car accident or you go to the doctor and he says something is terribly wrong.

Even when we think we’re not afraid of death, we seem to engage like a force of nature in suddenly trying to save ourselves – often at all costs! – when we think our health or life is at stake or at risk.

Yet . . . DEATH . . . is the portal through which OUR TRUE LIGHT awakens.  Yes, I know – that isn’t what you want to hear. And I don’t mean it in a religious sense.   But it IS true.  It can happen while we have a body – and then we can continue on in life thereafter, still here.  Or it can happen as we lose our form.  THAT CHOICE is really up to each of us – to our soul – when the moment comes.

And you won’t be able to know what your soul has truly chosen until YOU REACH THAT MOMENT.  No matter how many wonderful visions of your future destiny you have seen – your soul will choose, in the moment of awakening, TO BE ITS HIGHEST LIGHT.

Truly think about that.  Now, if that moment happens in 5 seconds from now – is your soul going to CHOOSE . . . thinking that you are capable of living as your highest light – right now – right here?  Is your ESSENCE going to think that your highest destiny is capable of being fulfilled right now – by you – based on where your vibration is, based on how you are living your life, based on how you approach each seemingly ordinary moment?

YOU SEE – life on earth – is not the soul’s greatest dream or gift – OR PURPOSE.  Living as ITS HIGHEST and TRUEST LIGHT, its highest vibrational expression – IS IT’s DREAM.  And if you’re not fulfilling that right here, right now – your soul is preparing to move you forward to that space where it can.

Where it can be free.  Where it can live wholly fulfilled.  Where it can be . . . TRUE.

It’s up to you.  Literally.  What choice are you giving YOUR ESSENCE . . . right now?  For the choice is happening for each of us as we speak.

Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Not next month.
NOW.  What will your soul choose?  Have you really even given her A TRUE CHOICE???

She WILL FULFILL her purpose and destiny – to BE HER HIGHEST LIGHT.  Are you able to live that while here on earth, within a form or body that can be seen?  If not – do you wish you could?

Then let’s . . .  GET STARTED!


The Point Is To . . .