Secrets Of Light #6 – Preludes
“Fairies Are No Different Than We”

Fairies are no different than we. 

They do not live in some other realm. 

The only difference is this – WE LOWER OUR FREQUENCY by how we live –

And that makes us more dense.

We do this because we hold fear.  And we do this because we are attached to physicality – like an addiction we just cannot shake.  But to truly live as WHO YOU TRULY ARE – you have to begin living in the invisible realms.  Why?

Because fairies are only invisible because of where you are vibrating.  AND BEING TRUE means BEING WHOLE.  And you are only WHOLE when you are living as the highest frequency of light that is THE TRUE YOU.

Fairies know this. They go from being seen to invisible in the bat of an eyelash.  And they know something more . . . . they know that we, too, are the same.  IF WE RAISE OUR VIBRATION.  IF WE LET GO OF OUR FEAR and OUR JUDGMENT.

And if we do this one last thing:

IF WE CHOOSE . . . TO BE LOVE . . . at its highest expression Of Light, no matter the calling.

You see, fairies do not live in some invisible realm beyond us.  THEY LIVE In the true world – the real world – your world.  Unless you have chosen to make it not so – by lowering your vibration.

Lots of things we do that – as humans – we think are healthy ACTUALLY lower our frequency.  It’s time to reclaim your birthright – to live in THE REAL REALM.  Your true world is . . . THE REALM OF LIGHT.

Ready?  This will change everything about you, how you live your life, and the world you see around you.

I can’t think of a better time to begin than this moment.



The Point Is To . . .