Secrets Of Light #5 – Preludes
“The True Sage Goddess . . . Is Light”

The true  GODDESS OF LIGHT is a sage goddess.  She is wise – she is powerful – she holds ancient light and births new worlds.  THE OLD AND THE NEW are one within her.

She does not cultivate sexuality or the physicality of sensual connections – even as a sacred act.  It is no longer an expression of who she is, because SOUL CONNECTIONS IN THE REALM OF LIGHT are not physical.  Continuing to hold them reflects – or masks – an addiction to a physical energy that is no longer true to your Innermost Being.  Thus, mis-alignments are born.  And will rapidly call forth, and create, a new higher harmony – one way – or another.

She does not craft an image or persona, she does not dye her hair or sculpt her body through physical exercise.  She does not fight wrinkles, try to defy aging, or hide dark circles or other supposed “imperfections”.  She celebrates every manifestation in her sacred form as just that:  holy – sacred – perfection of the highest order.

THE TRUE “SAGE” GODDESS lives her destiny without it being dependent on  others following her – or wanting or needing – what she has to offer.  She does not build a  huge business to showcase her spiritual gifts.  Rather, she – at most – keeps a small, intimate business creation that she herself can run primarily on her own . . . in order to fulfill the destinies of the beings who come to her in sacred trust.

She is not to be found on facebook or twitter, she doesn’t wield a massive email list and she does not market to those who find her – even in the form of newsletters that provide cover for a solicitation to sell her customers something more.

She lives her truth – A TRUTH OF PURE LIGHT & ONENESS – and holds it on display for all to see.  And she does so in sacred trust,  without ever feeling the need to explain herself to anyone, especially those who do not know or understand her truths of light.

And, she powerfully does something else.  She does not buy and sell other beings.  She creates energies and offers those to the world.  And her powerful, ,sacred business plan looks like this:  a big blank hole.  Something which her soul and The Universe of Light wield in magical, mystical, divine ways – all without her knowing or her attention or her effort.  Planning?  No.  Outlines?  Never.

Instead, she embodies something of much higher frequency:

IN THE MOMENT flow of light – always seeing the perfection of all that appears.


YES, that IS the true SAGE GODDESS. 


Are you one?



The Point Is To . . .