Secrets Of Light #4 – Preludes
“The True Song Of Stones”

The True Song of Stones

Cannot be heard from a human space. 


Though our sensitivities and opening to energies and the invisible realms

Can embody awakening connections to all of life,

  The True Song of Another Being or Soul . . .

Cannot be heard there.

It is not what you hear when you are merged with another being.  It is not what you get when you connect intentionally or directly with another being of any kind.

The True Song of Stones can only be heard when you are THE STONE.  When you are ONE.  And in that space, there is no “you” and “it”.  The same is true for every other kind of being, and especially true of higher vibrational beings – fairies, angels, cosmic consciousnesses, etc.  They all hold the same truth:  when we connect with them from anywhere outside of pure oneness, we limit the connection.  WE LIMIT what we “get”, feel, hear, see and know.  Our own boundaries become the fence which filters THE WHOLE OF THEIR LIGHT which is available in all times.

Meet them as who you truly are – IN PURE ONENESS – and I promise you this . . . THE TRUE SONG, THE TRUE WHISPER, THE TRUTH MESSAGE, THE TRUE TRUTH . . . will blow you away.  AS well it should.

Because everything you receive otherwise – no matter how beautiful, how endearing, how mind-opening . . . is just that:  being limited by you yourself.  PURE ONENESS is the only space where you can actually hear and know THE TRUE SONG.  How?  Why?  Because it will then be . . . your own.

Is it harder?  Is it more work?  Yes – and no.  It’s work to dissolve your fears.  It’s work to take responsibility for everything happening in your life and your body as your own soulful creation.  But it’s also easier TO LIVE IN ONENESS – as long as you are living as pure light without fear – than living any other way.

THE TRUE SONG of any Being is their expression of light in its truest, purest state – and you find that in ONENESS – and only there. 

Both your own – and all of lifeBE ONE.  And the true songs are yours to behold.


The Point Is To . . .