Secrets Of Light #21 – Preludes
“The Real Physics Of Light”


You & God/Goddess Consciousness. . .  ONENESS

You have to know . . . that God & Goddess, Creation and The Universe . . . are not who and what we think.  They’re just not.  I know that sounds . . . lofty. Arrogant.  Judgmental.  But it’s not.  It’s simply . . . A TRUTH.  A TRUTH OF LIGHT.  One that is revealed only – but always – within the halls of Oneness.

You see, no matter how we humans create our vision of god or goddess, the universe or creation – whether we ascribe it to science or mysticism or somewhere in between . . . we still view it through OUR OWN DUALITY.  OUR OWN LIMITATION OF WHO WE SEE OURSELVES TO BE.

And that?  Well, that’s just wrong.  And you won’t often hear me say that or use that word.  But in this case – it’s true – and we simply cannot deny it.

I’m not here to debate religion with you – nor spirituality.  But I am here to tell you this.  Until – and unless – you understand THE PHYSICS OF LIGHT (pure frequencies of love – pure light energy) . . . you do not know yourself.  You do not actually see or understand this world.  And, perhaps most importantly – you cannot actually live as who you truly are.


Why?  Because . . . in truth . . . you are the divine and sacred consciousness of god.  You are no more – and you are no less.  This will sound like treason to some – a travesty to others.

Yet – if you will take the journey with me, into the center of the heart of oneness – where god and goddess/light and love/energy and  matter – all reside . . . you will find the same truth waiting there for you as well.

And why does this matter?  Because.  Knowing THE PHYSICS OF LIGHT allows you to live your truest light – your fullest creation power – and to experience TRUE BLISS.


Most people do that when they die.  They finally KNOW.  They finally experience and express their truest being.  But we CAN do it while we are here on earth.  And we all came to do just that.

More importantly, earth herself and the cosmic universe at large – is now only welcoming to, and able to support life for, those who are living ONENESS.

So the choice is before each of us.  And GAIA is not waiting on us to choose.  Basically, she’s calling forth all the hearts who are ready and saying yes – TEACH ME, SHOW ME, HELP ME TO REMEMBER.  And the rest she is calling home.


Which are you?

May your journey – either direction you take – be a most blessed and compelling one. 

One of Revelation, Unveiling . . . and TRUE BIRTH!


The Point Is To . . .