Secrets Of Light #20 – Preludes
“Your Celestial Connections”

When you begin to see yourself existing from within the space of ONENESS, a strange and enchanting thing happens. You begin to lose your deep, solid, firm connection to the strands of your physical life.

The Moon begins to feel more like mother to you than perhaps your human one now does or has.  The stars may feel like your children or even your unborn, yet-gestating dreams.

And the skies and beyond may begin to hum and sparkle with something which . . . speaks to you.  Calls to you.  Beckons to you.  It’s not that you are leaving this world behind.  It’s that you are being invited to get to know THE REAL WORLD.

Think of it like this:  let’s say you were a whale in the ocean.  But before you were born, you built a pool in the middle of the ocean, and you birthed yourself into that pool.  It became your home and you grew to see it as all that was true for you.  You never knew or felt or heard or saw anything that made you think otherwise.

Then, one day, an opening appeared in the far wall of your self-constructed pool.  You swam over to see what had happened and you peered through the newly appearing hole.  Something peered back at you.  Something you had never seen.  And as you hovered there in the water, unsure of what was happening or what to do, you wondered . . . what is that?  And with that single question, the entire pool dissolved.  And suddenly you were swimming – right where you were the moment before – but your whole world had changed.  It was so much more than you knew.

Beginning to live in a way that honors and embraces, understands and embodies, our CELESTIAL CONNECTIONS is not just a treasure we give to ourselves.  It is the only way OUR TRUEST INNERMOST GIFTS come to life.  For they are born of the stars and they are guardianed in that same space.  We have to turn our attention to where they live – to their truths and their light – in order to awaken them within ourselves.

Are you ready?  This will be the journey of a lifetime.  And you, my friend, will never EVER be the same!

We’re ready to show you the way.  Are you ready to fly?



The Point Is To . . .