Secrets Of Light #19 – Preludes
“The True Spirit of Light, Love & Energy”

The way we humans see spirit and love – even energy – is an interesting thing.  We take something born of ONENESS – and disect it.  We categorize it and we lace it with rules.  Then we judge and rank or value it based on a human paradigm.

And – it doesn’t work.  Our understanding of love, from a human perspective, is almost akin to being blind.  And our knowledge of spirit seems, as a species, to be almost wholly explored or gained from within our own inner duality.

And we have missed our greatest discoveries – and our own greatest gifts and abilities and power – by doing so.  TRUE SPIRIT is a boundless – free – open space.  All potentiality is held here in equal measure – and all possibilities are equal creations capable of expressing infinite love.


LIGHT is not some divine sacred presence that touches us or fills us in special moments when we are worthy of its presence.  IT IS THE PURE ENERGY OF CREATION – and as such – we are born of it and continue to both embody it and be ruled by it . . . from our first to our very last breath.

So how do we begin to understand – to truly KNOW – the real expression of divine and sacred creation these ELEMENTS of LIFE TRULY ARE?  By letting go.  Of ourselves, of our minds, of who we think we are and how we believe life to be constructed.


Because the truth is – what we think we know is wrong – and what we think we understand has been so limited by our own dualistic nature that we have missed THE CORE CONCEPTS OF LIFE.  Doing so means we are ourselves living in illusion.

And when you do that – when Any Being does that – they give up and lose their power.

To take back your power – and to  birth all of who you truly are and came to be – requires a simple shift in life.  You begin by understanding that YOUR ESSENCE is about to reveal to you things that will shift everything you thought you knew.  And you are about to discover a whole invisible realm that holds the one you thought was actually real.

And this changes everything.  About YOU.



The Point Is To . . .