Secrets Of Light #18 – Preludes
“The True Spirit Of The Cosmos”

Beyond how we see the universe, THE COSMOS itself is a living, breathing thing.  It is A Womb Of Light of creation from which all of life springs forth.  And, no part of that creation is more valuable, more worthy, more sacred – or more wise – than another.

Humans have missed this lesson.  A STAR or A MOON or A PLANET is as much A Being of Consciousness – of heart and of soul and of wisdom – as a human.  More so – actually, to be quite truthful.

The cosmic bodies bless our planet and our forms with life-force giving frequencies that are unknown and unseen by our human minds.  More important, the cosmic womb supports all of life in all realms and directions.  To dishonor one part of the womb is like pulling on the corner of a web – it impacts everything else.

Why we, as humans, continue to see our world through eyes of compartmentalization and separation is perhaps the biggest mystery in the universe.  But what really matters is this – by doing so – we are foregoing our destiny and our own truest gifts.

You can only actually live as WHO YOU TRULY ARE – when you understand your cosmic connections in a very real and true way.  And they are not what you think.  They are not what you’ve been taught.  They are completely beyond the pale of human thought.

But they can be known.  They can be lived.  They can be yours.

And then – and only then – will you truly THRIVE.  It is a gift that is available to us all.  You simply have to choose to step out of your own comfort zone and allow a wisdom so ancient that it feels brand new when it touches you . . . to open your eyes.

We’re here.  THE COSMOS is speaking – in pure oneness – and sacred truth. 

Are you listening????



The Point Is To . . .