Secrets Of Light #17 – Preludes
“The True Spirit Of Gaia”

The TRUE Spirit . . .

Of Gaia – and The Earth.

Gaia – Mother Earth – has a surprise for us. 

She is NOT AT ALL who humans – even the spiritually devoted, or aware, of us on earth – believe her to be. 

Even those who practice earth-centered spirituality or wisdom, and profess to love and honor her as their own spiritual practice . . . have – largely – missed the boat.

Why?  How?  Because you cannot live ONENESS within a frequency – or state – or belief in duality.  And GAIA is all about ONENESS.  She sees and holds the perfection of all states of being within her body and form – and more than that – she will not tolerate judgment of any kind.

To her – the ant is as sacred as the coyote.  The eagle as sacred as the hyena.  And to her – there are no unnatural beings.  Only those who have forgotten who they truly are.

But guess what?  GAIA is in a state of transformation – RAPID TRANSFORMATION.  She is loosing frequencies from deep within her womb that have been safeguarded  for aeons.  No longer guardianed within her heart, she is releasing these potent vibrations which call forth oneness and its truths – from within every being.  And in doing so, for those who are not reaching into that higher frequency, she calls them home.

The earth is not sick.  And she is not fragile.  She is AWAKENING. 

And she is birthing her truest power of all – transformation through the power of light. LOVE.  CHAOS.  Beauty and magic in all its unbounded glory.

This is hard for humans.  They see storms and tremble.  They feel rumblings and quiver.  Yet – GAIA – is all loving.  And she loves without fear.  Battling and dividing is not her way.  Her way is to live the brightest, truest light you have ever known – and she is releasing more and more of her heart’s power with every breath.

She is birthing a new earth – from the inside out.


We are here to enjoy that journey, to embrace that process, and to uphold her in love – without fear – as she does so.  THIS is the one sacred destiny we all hold in common on earth right now.

We are not asked to STOP what is happening.  We are being asked TO LOVE IT!

To TRUST IT.  To EMBRACE ALL OF ITS MAGIC.  For it is Gaia’s own.

Her power holds a very special gift for each of us.  A gift you can only receive if you can see her – and love her – without a drop of fear.

And can you???


The Point Is To . . .