Secrets Of Light #16 – Preludes
“The True Spirit Of Cosmic Beings”

To know cosmic beings is to begin to truly understand ourselves. 

To understand them is to peer into the depths

Of our own ancient lineage.

They hold A Sacred Light that is so much more than we know or see as possible.  And yet – they are the beacons of light come to remind us of our truest, deepest, innermost sacred natures.

If you think you know who cosmic beings really are – and you live here on earth – you’re in for a very big surprise.  More than anything else, you’re most likely immersed in a paradigm that sees them as other than you – coming from some other realm or region of the universe – and holding different forms and truths of being than humans naturally embody.

Yet – none – absolutely NONE – of that is true.  Cosmic beings are a frequency of light that is ancient – and true.  It is the same as what we hold at our center.  Call them Light Beings, Watchers, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, etc – and you limit your knowing of them.

Each of those terms carries with it an identity and a body of knowledge THAT IS NOT TRUE for these sacred, precious souls of light.  Get to know them – and your own life enters a rapid-fire escalation of light in a dimension that completely dissolves this one.  When you do?  Then you live in your true state of being.  There –  you are finally – home.


They are here, among us, to welcome us home.  The ticket to that journey?  Letting go of all of your fears.  It is the work of those who will be remaining here on earth.  And the window is closing for having completed that journey.  So jump in and rev up your expansion into, and your experience of, Light – for we’re reaching the end of that time and ability.

And a new life awaits.  Are you ready?  Of course you are!  This is exactly why you have come and are here now at this time.

Hone your focus, release your judgments, and let THE SECRETS OF LIGHT prepare you for . . . THE SACRED TRUTHS OF LIGHT . . . soon to come.



The Point Is To . . .