Secrets Of Light #15 – Preludes
“The True Spirit of Angels”

Oh my stars, if you truly knew who angels were . . . you’d die.  Literally – that is what it would take for you to be in a state of oneness to really know them, truly see them, and fully honor them.  Why?

Because angels are a frequency of oneness that we as humans reject.  They hold no fear.  They see from a space of wholeness where there is no wrong – there is no death – there is no imperfection.

Most of our experience of angels comes from our own thought of wanting something to be different – to be more – to be released or to change.   Yet, angels are the true perfection of light – they hold the wisdom of all of life and they know and see that every magical moment is just that – PURE MAGIC.  PERFECTION UNSEEN.

Angels see us as children more than anything else.  And that does not mean they see us as needing help.   They see us as choosing and developing who we wish to be.

But their true selves?  They are so much more divine, so much more powerful, and so much more miraculous than we can imagine.  They hold strands of light that are our own.  If you are ready to truly open to angels – be certain you are moving into that knowing without fear.  Because only when we allow them to reveal themselves as who they truly are – rather than who we have said or been taught they have come to be – will we be able to truly KNOW THEM.

And when you DO truly know the angels?  It changes absolutely  everything.  About you.  And your human life on earth.

Come.  We’ll show you.  Try it – you’ll see. 

They live in THE REAL WORLD.  And it’s not yours. :- )



The Point Is To . . .