Secrets Of Light #14 – Preludes
“The True Spirit of Trees & Flowers & Plants”

Trees, plants and flowers are hardly who we think them to be.  They extend so far beyond the physical body and matrix that we see – as to not even identify themselves as THAT FORM.  Not really.  Not truly.

Can you imagine if we, ourselves, learned to live as they do?  What is compelling about them is this:  they exist so truly as who they really are – Beings of Light – that when a tree is cut down, the energetic blueprint and the light matrix or web of that tree continues on right in place where it always was.  The same shape, every single needle on a fir branch, every  strip of bark or seed pod or leaf.  IT ALL CONTINUES on – shimmering, expressing – LIVING.


And yet, when we look at a tree or a leaf or a flower, we identify it by categorization.  And in doing so, we limit our knowing of both its true nature – and its abilities. This is no more clear a mistake (human and though however well-intentioned) than with flower essences.  Just like crystals, they have been attributed with strengths and abilities, gifts and powers, that can help humans in this way or another.

Yet, that body of  knowledge does not reflect the flowers’ TRUEST knowing of themselves.  It is not based on oneness, but on pure duality and separation.  And thus – it is not true for the plant.

All of our labeling, dissecting, and categorizing has failed to reveal the deepest, most potent truths of plants.  Their amazing gifts are seen ONLY through the lens of oneness.  For it is here that we see their true light, hear their true heartbeat, and are blessed by their true presence.

It is a mistake to adopt the current body of knowledge about oils and essences as your own.  Why?  Because the trees and plants and flowers do not agree with it.  It is not true for them – nor is it real.  But their wisdom IS PROFOUND – reach into their soul in a state of oneness and you will find that we, humans, have been missing what sits right in front of us.   And in doing so – we have lost our own true selves.


IT is up to us to get that back.  And we do it – quite simplyby releasing our fears and living our own inner light in a state of oneness.  When we do?  LIFE ITSELF reveals all its gifts in a matrix of wholeness that is mind-defying, science-refuting, and heart-expanding.

TRUE POWER?  It is always revealed from Within.  And only from within ONENESS.

Take THAT path.  Make THAT journey.  And be forever changed.  You’ll see – trees and plants and flowers – they are magical, powerful beings.  They’re just not who you think they are.

Come.  See.  And be transformed.



The Point Is To . . .