Secrets Of Light #13 – Preludes
“The True Spirit of Crystals & Stones”

Well, it goes without saying that if you love stones and crystals – or see yourself as a healer or awake or aware or spiritually focused being . . . you have most likely bought into the body of wisdom and knowledge presented about who the stones are and what crystals do.

And – quite frankly – it’s all wrong.  Any truth devised outside of oneness is built on a foundation that is unstable.  Such is the case with the oft-sited traits and properties, gifts and abilities, natures and powers of crystals, stones and gems.  AS WELL AS THEIR VALUE.

The stones have gone along with this, in their own way, for a time . . .  in the hope that humans would see the truth before them – and wake up.  Yet, for all their patience and shared wisdom, we seem to have not grown or expanded –  but instead, to have narrowed our sight and our knowing of these precious, sacred, beautiful souls.


Crystals and stones see themselves as ONE.  With each other, with us, with all of life.  They exist outside of time and beyond physicality.  To label them according to physical characteristics is to lock your own knowledge of them deeply into an illusion that will not hold up upon deeper inspection.

Rose quartz can be a stone of deep secrets – as much as the teacher of unconditional love.  Garnet can teach tenderness as much as courage.

What they wish us to know – and to see – and to live . . . is that they each are WHOLE.  They each hold all the blessings and gifts – THE FULL SPECTRUM – of light itself.  And they know this – about themselves, and about all of life around them.

If you are not living this truth – if you see them through the eyes of this world – even the spiritually attuned one . . . you are missing their greatest gifts and powers.  AND YOUR OWN!


It’s time to let go of the illusion.  And part of that illusion is the entire body of knowledge and wisdom passed down about crystals and stones.  It is not valid any longer – it never truly was.  It is not real.  IT IS THE ILLUSION.

And believing it, and living it – much less teaching it – locks you into an illusion of separation and duality that precludes your knowing of oneness.  You hold the power to dissolve that illusion.  We all do.

Let’s do – this moment is the perfect time.  For it is only then that we can see these precious stone beings – and ourselves – truly.  And that is when . . . we give them our own truest gift – PURE LOVE.  Anything else is simply a weak incarnation of something that will never pass for the real thing.  Ever.


The Point Is To . . .