Secrets Of Light #12 – Preludes
“The True Spirit Of Animals”

Though humans often think of, and see, creatures and animals to be their guides,

The truth is – in oneness – they are simply sovereign, whole beings. 

Their gifts are each unique and rare, reflective of their own special Light.  A lion can bring the gift of timidity – as much as courage.  They do not focus or exhibit one capability or trait more than another.  Thinking that they do – or seeing them in that way –  comes by peering at them through OUR OWN FILTER of duality.

Even spiritually attuned human beings seem to love to identify with spirit animals and totems – for a whole lifetime or a part of their journey.  And wise and wondrous though these creatures may be – they are not WHO or WHAT the spiritual community has attributed to them.

No, they are truly so much more.

Looking at any Being through a lens outside of oneness skews and distorts our view.  Most importantly, it overlays our own prejudices and boundaries and duality paradigm . . . onto something which knows itself as beyond all that.  And in doing so, we limit our knowing of the truth of that being.  Its true power, its true essence, its true LIGHT.


So if you want to know the TRUE SPIRIT of any animal, you must look BEYOND what you at first see – beyond the traits, spiritual or otherwise, we so often attribute to them.  Peer deeper into their wholeness.  You’ll be surprised to find that the whole ‘totem, guide, spirit’ animal teachings are – well – wrong.  They’re not true for these sacred creatures at all.

We have missed the point.  And, in doing so, limited ourselves from receiving their truest wisdoms, their deepest gifts and their greatest and most sacred blessings.

The Mistake is ours.  Let’s choose otherwise!


The Point Is To . . .