Secrets Of Light #10 – Preludes
“True Schools Of Light”

True SCHOOLS OF LIGHT are not what you think. 

They don’t hold classes where you learn what or how, they don’t give you certifications, and you don’t go on to teach that paradigm once you complete a course.

Oh no – those are human creations.  THOSE ARE NOT . . . the true SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  They are a rare thing.

The TRUE SCHOOL OF LIGHT presents wisdom within a framework of PURE LIGHT – PURE LOVE – and no fear.

The School knows you can take the pace that spirit prepares and releases.  The School knows that you do not need support or encouragement for the journey.  And The School knows that by your presence alone will you awaken into all that your soul chooses for you to become – when and only when – you are surrounded by A PURE MATRIX OF LIGHT that holds no fear.

Anything less than that will awaken more of the same within you – more duality, more materiality, more fear.

Though many call themselves schools of light – the TRUE SCHOOL OF LIGHT is like nothing you’ve seen yet on earthBut it is time.  And it . . . is now here!


Join the BABIES OF LIGHT for their whimsical, magical, powerful . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  They are sanctuaries for the soul.  Conservatories for the highest frequencies of light – PURE FIRST LIGHT.  At every level and every moment of your time there.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of . . . PURE TRUTH?  It’s held in the heart of PURE LIGHT.

And The Journey which reveals it all is . . . THE METAMORPHOSIS . . . into ONENESS.

Let’s begin!


The Point Is To . . .