Secret of Light #3 – Preludes
“Are You A Light Being?
Then Act Like One!”

Are you A Light Being?  THEN ACT LIKE ONE!!!

There is quite the movement afoot these days . . . to claim our destiny as LIGHT BEINGS.  Light workers, beings of light, earth angels are all wondrous knowings of ourselves in our spiritual matrix here on earth.

Yet – most people – who see themselves in this way . . . are still living within, and operating from, the truths of a human existence and physical paradigm.  Not only does that not work – it is NOT TRUE.

And, here’s the thing.  A BEING OF LIGHT first and foremost operates from within the realm of oneness.  Here, PURE LOVE and PURE LIGHT and PURE TRUTH are the only currency.  They are all you need – ever – to live your truest, purest life.  Moreover, those things cannot exist within fear.  ONENESS precludes . . .  FEAR.

So if you believe yourself to BE any of those special beings – earth angel, being of light, light worker – you have to have completed the journey of living without fear.  Otherwise, you’re not who you say you are – yet.  And you’re not able to operate within The Truths of The Realm Of Light . . . which should be guiding and the guardian of your existence.

It’s not just that YOU ARE ‘not there yet’.  It’s that everything you create in the meantime is not wholly  true – not wholly pure – and not as powerful or blessed as your soul intends it to be.

The real gift is this:  LIVING WITHOUT FEAR.  Only then can you LOVE TRULY and PURELY – and only then can you really live your destiny.  THAT is the work before you step into being A LIGHT WORKER or A LIGHT BEING or even AN EARTH ANGEL.

You can only live those identities if you are truly  living without fear.  Otherwise, your life is a hybrid which is at best a weak version of its own deepest truth.  And as much as you may love LIGHT and SPIRIT – if you’re still holding fear – you are right now stepping aside from your destiny.

Rather than connections with spiritual beings, teaching others, and creating a business or work within a field of mystical, spiritual or metaphysical values – DO THE WORK – THE REAL WORK – before you . . . first.  Learn to live without your fear.  Learn to embrace the purest light you hold and honor the path which allows you to dissolve and release them all, every deep and hidden and unseen FEAR – once and for all – with power and light.

Do this?  And not only are you then able to BE that which you have been trying to live . . . you’ll find your destiny unfolds before you with the greatest ease and power.

Here’s the thing.  You cannot BE a light being and hold fear.  You cannot BE a light worker and exist in duality.  And you cannot live as A BEING OF LIGHT . . . from a human paradigm.  When you do?  YOU BECOME PART OF THE ILLUSION – and your life holds untruths.

And guess what?  The time for being able to live partially in that frequency and partially outside of it – just ended.  Continuing to do so . . . will kill you.  Literally – your body cannot exist in that space.

The Choice now becomes one of life and death – and the answer may just surprise you! 

But The Choice is before us all right now – what do you choose?


The Point Is To . . .