Secret Of Light #2 – Preludes
“Your Body Is Only Light”

Are you mad? 

That is – really – the question

Before most humans right now.


You see, all of life is born of PURE LIGHT.  That is the highest energy frequency of creation – PURE LOVE.  Our bodies – our physical forms – are simply projections of that light.

And we are far less dense, far less material, than we think ourselves to be.  Why does this matter?

Because, as physical beings we focus on creation from a physical paradigm.  We sculpt and hone our bodies with precision – from what we eat, to how we exercise, to what we think is healthy in terms of sleep and activity and food and lifestyle.  Nearly every moment of every day – for most people – is consumed by an approach to life that is physical.

And as we do so, we have narrowed our own realm of solutions, our own matrix of wisdom, and our own body of knowledge.  We haven’t just stepped off the path – we’re nowhere on the trail.  What does this mean?

Let me ask you a question – if your back hurts – or a lump appears on your body – or you have a headache . .  . do you first and foremost think something is going on physically?  And do your approaches, solutions and “healing” modalities tend to turn first to something logical, linear, and physical or material – as well?

Well . . . that is  MADNESS.  Here’s why.  Your body is MOSTLY LIGHT.  It responds to Light more than to any other matrix – especially physical, material presences.  If we are Beings of Light and Energy – and that is the matrix from which our forms grow and are projected or take form . . . yet 90% of the focus of our day is on THE PHYSICAL realities, truths, and existence of our life and our bodies . . . aren’t we missing something?

YES, indeed, we are!

We’re missing that – for our bodies – the starting point is always LIGHT. From what is causing “what we see as wrong or out of sorts” . . . to what can help us to feel better.  We take bodies that are LIGHT MATRIXES and we enforce a body of knowledge and body of actions over them – which holds less power and less truth for our form itself than we know.

Why?  Because we’re told to.  Because we see our world through the eyes of the world rather than our own. And because we have given our MIND the first say about everything.

But here is the  problem with that.  YOUR BODY was created of light – therefore it is your heart . . . your sacred heart without any fear – which holds the greatest truths and knowings about how it works, what is happening within it, and how to support and uplift it in all unfoldings.

I cannot tell you the number of spiritually “aware” people out there who still – primarily – approach their day from a physical perspective.  AND ESPECIALLY THEIR FORM!  That is a bit like . . . deciding that a whale can’t walk because she has no feet, so you’re going to create appendages for her so she can move around.  You’re trying to solve a problem – from a perspective that is not true for that being.  And you’re doing so because your own view is too narrow to see the wholistic truth of the whale – not least of which is that in her world, she does not need feet and moves perfectly well, thank you.

If you are going to live on earth in our modern era – as the frequencies rise, and the truths of our bodies are on display for all to see – focusing on physical paradigms in your life, and your body, is going to create unintended consequences.  Because you are much more LIGHT than MATTER.

Come.  It’s time to exist in YOUR BODY’S TRUE WORLD.  Learn about it’s true nature.  And – most importantly – HONOR ITS TRUEST WISDOMS.  The first of which is this:  OUR FORMS ARE BODIES OF LIGHT.  Living your life from that one single truth will change everything.  Not living that truth . . . means your body cannot remain here.

The Choice is yours.

And you choose . . . ?


The Point Is To . . .