Secret of Light #1 – Preludes
“Crystals Do Not Heal”

Crystals do not heal.  They are not therapy. 

They will not change you and they DO NOT COME

To help you to erase or release, add or create, this or that.

What????  I know, it seems like the complete opposite of what every metaphysical, energetic, and spiritually focused person is saying right now.  Right?  Are they all wrong?

Yes, actually.  They Are.  THE SOUL PURPOSE of any crystalline being is NOT to help you, nor to heal you, nor to do anything to or for you.  Let’s be clear – THAT IS YOUR JOB.  AND THAT IS YOUR WORK.

Are they capable of it?  Certainly.  Is that their choosing?  HARDLY.  Is it big business to tell you that they are, will, and come to do just that?  IT IS.

You see, even those with the most high intentions are getting caught up in something that is – at its core – foundationed upon something other than ONENESS.  And as such, it is a false paradigm which the crystals themselves are dissolving.  One presence, one connection, at a time.  Illusion cannot hold itself together now in the presence of HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCIES.  And the crystals are making sure that happens.

Crystals are not here to be bought and sold.  They are gifts from the earth.  They are not to be traded in such a way as to make money for you or another.  (If you find a crystal – you have received all the abundance and wealth you need.  When you give that crystal to another – as the crystal itself chooses and directs you to do – even more wealth and abundance flows to you. The true gift of abundance comes not through buying and selling.  That is a human paradigm overlaid onto the true process of creation which the crystals themselves embody.)


And the entire body of metaphysical and alternative healing knowledge amassed – and taught – and adhered to by nearly every aware spiritual person out there . . . is no longer true.  Nor valid.  And it DOES NOT HONOR the crystalline beings at their own highest frequencies – Their Truest Light.

The Crystals DO have sacred purposes here on earth.  And – with us.  They have gifts to give.  And they give them freely.  BUT THOSE GIFTS have nothing to do with healing you or even awakening you.  They Come to live their own individual, unique, and very rare SACRED DESTINIES.

They DO and CAN uplift our lives by their presence.  Their energy and their wholeness wafts around and into all those who are open to receiving it.  But their wholeness and their knowing of TRUTH does not include things like ILLNESS – LACK – WANT – NEED – GOOD OR BAD – any of those things which crystals are touted to do.

Do you see?  HUMANS have connected with these sweet and powerful beings – each of whom is sovereign in its own right . . . and DISCERNED through that connection who the crystal is, what properties and abilities and gifts it holds and comes to give the world.

And yet, every part of that connection was based on duality – separation – and states of imperfection or less than wholeness.  NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE for the crystal themselves.  So humans have – outside of the space of pure oneness (and, therefore, pure love) – created an entire paradigm and body of wisdom that could only reflect THE  NATURE OF THE HUMAN BEING doing the connection.  Thus, it reflected duality.  But it was not THE TRUTH of that crystal – not its truest, purest, most powerful truth.  NOR was it truly reflective of their deep gifts and beautiful soulful purposes in coming to earth, and to each of us.

Let me ask you something. Would you have a baby – acquire a child – simply  to help YOU to heal your body or your mind?  Would you “get” a baby so that you could feel happier or less sad or lose weight? Would you bring a child into your life so you could grow your business or generate more money? Would you?

OF COURSE NOT.  Why?  Because that is YOUR JOB and YOUR WORK.  The purpose for having a child is simply to express your love.  No other.

Crystals are no different.  They are sovereign beings.  They are not your slaves, but more than this, they are not even your co-creators.  They don’t need you.  THEY are here doing their own perfect, soulful work – their own creations – just beautifully and perfectly.

And their gifts and abilities, powers and magic are theirs alone to wield – it’s not yours to use for yourself or your own purposes, to request or to command.  YOU HAVE THE SAME ABILITIES AND GIFTS – use them – don’t access that of another being instead.

And if you truly love them – or if you are truly growing into oneness – you don’t use them, you don’t buy and sell them, and you don’t ascribe to a body of knowledge that, though extremely profitable for a whole group of people who love crystals – IS NOT TRUE.

The greatest truths – the greatest expressions of love – and the greatest knowing of spiritual wisdom . . . come only from within ONENESS.

If you are living, working, playing or creating outside of that realm – you are missing the wholeness of life itself in all that you do.  Thus, you think that a crystal will bring you this or that, help you with this or that, offer you its gifts of this or that.  But that is not what THE CRYSTALS are here to do.  And that is not who they are inside – especially not now.  They are here to be their TRUEST SELVES now.  AS . . . ARE . . . YOU.

So now YOU have a choice to make.  WHO ARE YOU?  Who are you going to be . . . in the face of this SECRET OF LIGHT?  Is it a new truth for you?  Will you reject it?  Will you argue with logic from a vibrational frequency of human perspective and win?

In Oneness, you do not use other beings.  You simply love them and watch with wonder and awe as they create their own sacred and holy lives.  Crystals – like you – are divine miracles of light.  TO KNOW THEM – TO LOVE THEM – and TO HONOR THEM . . . asks of you that you move into ONENESS.


What say you . . . ?

The Crystals are waiting to hear . . .


The Point Is To . . .