It’s A Magical Thing

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The time before us all is potent – and precious.

It heralds a new beginning, one like never before.

It carries within it a magical, mystical element

Of higher knowing, deeper truths,

And more pure heart.

It Is A Birth


Our Truest Being.


In this space,
We have gathered together

Some of the most powerful, tender,

And compelling Truths Of Light. 

These come from every Element of the world around us, All Of Life in All Its Forms.  The Magic and the Mystery is Enchanting, and it invites us to OPEN THE DOORWAY inside of ourselves – to bring that same presence forth inside of us – in a deeper, more masterful way.


How do you master “magic”?


By allowing your HEART to guide, and by willingly and intentionally dispensing with all of your fears – both the ones you see and those which are, for now, hidden from view.  It might seem scary, at first, but as soon as you begin to really LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE, you notice something.  Something amazing.  IT IS FEAR which makes the life – and the world – we see around us appear to be . . . imperfect.  Less than beautiful.  Less than wondrous.


That Veil is there, and ours, to lift at any time.  THAT is the power of The Heart.  This is not so much a journey – though it surely is that! – as it is this:  A TRANSFORMATION.  A specially created, spirit-directed unfolding which will highlight and illuminate for you . . . the deep space inside you where YOUR SOUL HOLDS YOUR MOST BRILLIANT LIGHT.  SPARKLING – and ready to be revealed.


The part of you untouched by fear.  The spark of light which is ever pure – and potent – beyond measure.  The Part of You just waiting . . . to be born.  In this space you COME ALIVE – quite literally.  It seems as if you have been dulled – drugged or sleep-walking – through a life that seemed like yours, but which never held the pure sparkle it was designed to reveal to you.


THAT REVEALING is yours to gift to yourself.  And this is the place designed to spark that very thing into presence in you, and your life.  TODAY.  Join us, if you like.  SECRETS OF LIGHT is an astonishing thing.  Simple, yet deep, powers and principles of LIGHT – of LIFE – which change everything about how you see yourself, your life, and the world around you.


You see, changing OURSELVES is our one true GIFT.   It is the power we all hold deep inside.  And when we wield that power, guided by our PUREST ESSENCE, we do, indeed, awaken within ourselves . . . OUR MAGIC.  And we unleash our full potential, like a butterfly emerging from the chrysallis of her life.  And that changes the world around us in the most powerful of ways.




We promise you this one thing:
YOUR LIFE – and YOU – will never be the same.