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Video #06

“Soul Purpose, Death, & Sacred Knowing”


When we begin at the place of A SOUL’S PURPOSE, we see what takes place around us from a wholly different space. With this knowing, we can understand that which seems beyond belief, we can find purpose and meaning in that which defies comprehension – and, perhaps most importantly of all, we can make sense of that which seems senseless. Even . . . the unexpected. Even . . . DEATH.

There is a sacred knowing and wisdom held only by THE ESSENCE. It emanates from THE SOUL’S PURPOSE in every moment, and for every life here.

Opening to these soulful perspectives changes absolutely everything about how we see the world. And, most especially, does so for those times when we struggle to be at peace or to find the meaning in a moment. We find our peace when we see with these very wise eyes of our inner being.

And, sometimes, that means we, too, fulfill OUR DESTINY.

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