Hearts of Light

Whispers of wisdom which came to be during a very intimate, magical gathering on my front porch . . . are here.

You are invited . . . to join us.  And be inspired!



Computer Fairy

Video #04

“You . . . Are Guided”


Your Essence, Your Soul, Your Highest Spirit is always there . . . guiding you forward.

When we begin to let go of the reins – and our need to control, especially out of fear – we find that our lives take on a most magical hue. Things resolve easily, things appear magically, and we move into a newfound harmony – and peace – as our lives take the path OUR ESSENCE most intends us to take. The path that honors . . . our soul’s purpose.

Even if that purpose is as yet hidden, or unknown to us!

Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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