Hearts of Light

Whispers of wisdom which came to be during a very intimate, magical gathering on my front porch . . . are here.

You are invited . . . to join us.  And be inspired!



Computer Fairy

Video #31

“Magical Connections, Oneness & Time”


Raising your vibration brings you closer to your truest light and deeper into your heart.

Here, your work is really your play – and your inner voice is honored for all the sacred power, presence, and knowledge it holds.

Drawing closer to Oneness, you connect with all of life around you – every kind of being – in new and magical ways. They all originate in your heart, in the space without fear, where light and love pull you deeper into the real truths of life.

There are often hidden connections in our life, just waiting for us to raise our vibrations to be able to touch them, to behold them, to honor them as they unfold.

You hold so much power in your essence. Raising your vibration is the key which brings you access.

And reality? That, too, is dependent upon your vibration. Most humans are not experiencing THE TRUE WORLD nor TRUE LIFE. They’re wrapped in an illusion of their own making – an illusion you can walk out of – by raising your vibration.

The Choice? TO BE ALL OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE and to vibrate ever closer to your essence. PURE LOVE.

The choice is before each of us. What do you choose?

Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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