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“The Path, Timing & Abundance”


The greatest knowing  of the soul is this:  THAT YOU ARE LOVE.  And because of that . . . THE PATH . . . is always assured.  Your Essence is magnetically aligned to your inner being – and continuously empowers you to follow and embrace your soul’s highest path.

Your mind will not dominate your heart but for so long . . . eventually, it is seen to be the poorest of substitutes for the truer and higher intellectual energies you hold within.

TRUSTING TIMING is part of your most sacred path.  Your life is designed to move – only and always – at the pace of spirit, of your essence . . . IF YOU ARE FLOWING IN HARMONY WITH YOUR TRUEST BEING.  Resistance of any kind – even to timing – creates dissonance.

The beauty of OUR SACRED PATH is this . . . the path itself will eventually create TRUST inside of you.

Living your truest gifts is always going to be tied to abundance in some way.  You just have to let YOUR ESSENCE work its magic in unexpected and non-linear ways.  Otherwise you interfere in a process that is truly mind-defying in  how it creates – and how perfect the creations turn out to be.

If you try to overlay a human plan – of timing, of business, of how to grow or make something turn into resources for you, financial or otherwise – you weaken the ultimate gifts it brings to you.

Why would you do that?  YOUR SOUL can create in ways you would never imagine – and can make dreams come true that were so big, you never even knew you had them.  That, my friends, is truly MAGICAL CREATION.  And it is all up to you – if you are choosing that sacred path.

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