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“Creation Energy, Transformation & Coming Undone”


The Winter Solstice is one of the most magical times of energy on our planet.  Magical, flowing creation energies come through during that time.  They seed and gestate within us – in direct proportion to how much love we are holding, versus fear . . . and to the degree our own vibrational frequency lies in harmony with our truest and deepest purposes here.

It’s simple, really, to harness this DIVINE LIGHT which flows to us all.  Create space for your creation energy to come through.  AND THEN – honor that WHATEVER COMES AFTER THAT – IS, in truth, your creation energy directed by your soul for your next greatest discovery and creational unfolding.

Energy  presence can take any form.  Whether you see it, sense it, feel it or know it is there – is completely up to you – and is dependent on your frequency.  As your vibration rises, you sense more, know more, see more.  AND YOUR LIFE DECISIONS change accordingly, as you operate at a much higher frequency of knowing.

Here, your life takes on a most magical hue – something that can only be described as . . . BEYOND ENCHANTING.  Your inner peace soars, your outer life suddenly makes perfect sense like never before . . . and you rise as if on unseen wings into A KNOWING OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE.

Coming Undone . . .is often a part of that magical metamorphosis that escorts us into THE KNOWING of our deepest selves.  It is not something to fear.  Creation Energy transforms us, and our lives, in THE most unusual, and unexpected of ways sometimes.  IF WE TRUST.  And . . . FOLLOW OUR HEART.  Wherever it leads.

Can you say YES?  To all of who you came to be?  It will change everything, when you do.

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