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“Letting Go Of Your Deepest Fears”


When we begin the process of letting go of our fears, we often want to hurry the process – and are surprised when fears we thought were released re-emerge.  Often they take new forms and flow through twists and turns that can boggle our minds.  OUR FEARS remain with us until we allow ourselves to SEE that which they wish to reveal.

When our strongest fears take control, you create and invite in a barrier between YOU and YOUR HIGHEST KNOWING.  Fear attracts like energy, like attracts like, and so your greatest power to ignite, harness, and honor your own truest gifts and powers . . . lies in your choice to live without – and beyond – fear.

Our fears present a magical opportunity.  They are some of your deepest and most profound – AND MOST SACRED – work.  Transforming yourself within the vortex of light fears present to you . . . IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING each of us can do to create our own most perfect life.  And when we do?  The world around us changes like magic, too!

Your own energy is what truly feeds and nourishes your body at its most center origination point.  What are . . . YOU . . . feeding it?

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