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“Receiving Messages &

Trusting Your Gifts”


Receiving “messages” from our soul and essence is not just a gift – it is an innate one.

IT LIVES INSIDE EACH ONE OF US. It is our intended guidance system from the wisest and all-knowing parts of ourselves. The higher realms come to our aid to help us as we navigate our soul path – and the messages are markers for that path. So that it unfolds most gently, most truly, most beautifully for us, within our life.

Every moment can be A CREATION EVENT which comes from OUR DEEPEST KNOWING. Here, love and light flow in a continual state through us, and move us into greater harmony and alignment.

Our Gifts are all embedded in our path – it is simply our choice whether we are open to them, and align ourselves with the frequencies of light which bring those gifts to us. You cannot NOT “get” your soul messages. They will just keep coming until eventually they hold such a powerful presence the moment is non-negotiable.

Play and discovery -a relaxed and open mind – will help you to hear your message more clearly. As you let go of fear, your inner wisdom and knowing take center stage and allow you to trust one of your own most precious gifts – YOUR ESSENCE’s GUIDING LIGHT.

The key to every soul gift is simply this: TRUSTING THE GIFT – TRUSTING YOURSELF – and TRUSTING THE LIGHT it holds.

That KNOWING . . . of spirit, of light, of yourself . . . is PRICELESS. And – it holds all the wealth of the universe. You’ll see.

Painted Hummi
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