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“Your Soul Will Teach You . . . Trust”


The challenge of higher frequencies is to stabilize your vibration within them, so you can go higher and higher while holding form. YOUR ESSENCE is the guiding voice of light for how to stabilize in the most harmonious way. It is different for ever soul and every being and every path.

High light CAN take your body by surprise, but fear only makes matters worse and intensifies an already powerful process. That quiet inner voice of your essence, deep inside of you, is the one that saves you – and guides you best through HIGH LIGHT FREQUENCIES.

Why? How? Because it is the truest part of you – and high light frequencies are where YOUR ESSENCE lives, and is most at home. SHE is the expert. Trust her. And she will guide you home.

As you move into higher light frequencies – and more of who you truly are – there will be times of wickedly powerful transformations along the path. Those wicked, powerful moments and times . . . BUILD YOUR TRUST.

What does quantumly high light feel like – like not having a body at all. And it is the differential between that, and where your own vibration is vibrating, that you have to strand or weave together. So that the lower frequency reaches for, and into, the higher one. You have to choose who, and which paradigm, you are going to believe – what is TRUE for you.

YOUR SOUL will teach you TRUST – and perfect, deep trust – on this path. ALWAYS. She is wise and holds infinite, eternal knowing of all that is to be – and all that you truly are. Your Path is sacred. She is your guide. Honor it – and her – within you in all moments. THE MAGIC and POWER OF LIFE . . . lives for you there.

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