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Computer Fairy

Video #18

“Living Your Destiny

& Flying Blind”


The higher frequencies do not hold roadmaps. They barely contain guideposts or markers. They are free – boundless – ever changing, growing, and constantly expanding. What if . . . you are already living your destiny – you just don’t understand how? Our toughest teachers hold a remarkable gift – they stir the pot as wise and sacred catalysts who bring forth our most hidden and latent fears. Fears that will ultimately hold us back. Fears that we rarely put our attention on. Fears that stand between us and all we cam to be, to do, and to hold.

Contrary to our human yearning, which so often takes center position as we expand – PHYSICAL CONFIRMATIONS of the invisible realm – our gifts, our spirits, our unseen companions . . . do not really help you to move forward, to grow stronger in your knowing, nor to release your truest gifts.

Flying blind brings you into a new space of SACRED KNOWING. What appears empty – suddenly reveals its wealth of abundance. What seems dark – hides the most precious sparkles of light. When we get very clear about OUR ESSENCE – about WHO WE TRULY ARE – and we honors its knowings . . . every thing we need comes. It’s all . . . part of the plan. A Blueprint that is unshakeable. Undeniable. And our own to choose to live and breathe – or not.

Cloud ultrasounds are not the biggest miracle I’ve seen. But they are one of the most precious. How about you? What has the invisible realm of energy been whispering to you lately – trying to reveal from within your heart?

Are you listening?

Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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