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Whispers of wisdom which came to be during a very intimate, magical gathering on my front porch . . . are here.

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Computer Fairy

Video #17

“Your Frequency Changes Everything”


As your frequency and vibration rise, it changes everything around you. But most especially, it changes the life you live. Things take on a new sparkle. Moments carry so much more sacred meaning. And energies hold a sovereign destiny that you are only just beginning to live in awe of when they reveal their sacred power to you.

These become KISSES OF LIGHT, gifts for the journey which we will ever cherish in our heart. Cherished for how magical they are. Cherished for how they transform us. Cherished for the power they bring forth from within us, lying beneath the surface, heretofore unseen.

There is a point of PERFECT HARMONY where everything works together even though it is changing dramatically – even for your work and your business, especially when it is going to hold your soul destiny creation.

You now see and sense expressions of energy in a physical sense. And ever so much more.

Are you ready? The world you live in is ENCHANTING. Isn’t it time to discover that realm . . . for yourself?!

Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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