Hearts of Light

Whispers of wisdom which came to be during a very intimate, magical gathering on my front porch . . . are here.

You are invited . . . to join us.  And be inspired!



Computer Fairy

Video #11

“Ordinary Beings, Extraordinary LOVE –

A Magical Story”


We are all ordinary beings. And we all can express extraordinary love.

When we open ourselves to living our full truths, our full beingness . . . ONENESS and CONNECTIONS OF LIGHT bless us in THE most astonishing ways.

Oneness precludes, and does not allow, FEAR. IT IS PURE LOVE! And it allows us to connect in the deepest and most true of ways. WE choose – LOVE or FEAR. We live GRIEF or LOVE. We can feel closer to those who have died. Our own vibration is often what dictates how close we feel, and how we experience them – or do not.

THE STORY of THE BABIES OF LIGHT is a magical one. It’s unbelievable.

And it can inspire each of us to live . . . AS ALL OF WHO WE TRULY ARE.


Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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