Hearts of Light

Whispers of wisdom which came to be during a very intimate, magical gathering on my front porch . . . are here.

You are invited . . . to join us.  And be inspired!



Computer Fairy

Video #10

“Being True To You

& The Babies’ Of Light Gift”


When you let go of your fears, you begin living in a way that is TRUE TO YOU – the best you, the highest you, the deepest you. And LIVING AS YOUR HIGHEST LIGHT honors all that you are, came to be, and do and give to this world.

It is also the only way to truly create, and live, your TRUEST and BEST LIFE.

By exploring the realm of light, we each can learn to see through the illusions which bind us to a life, and an expression of ourselves, that is so much less than what we came to create.

Sometimes, our truest gifts – and our greatest life – can only be created when . . . WE ARE TRULY SEEN.

Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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