Gifts of Light

A long time ago, in what feels like another life . . . my world changed.  Subtle at first, it became more ethereal with each and every breath.

The realms of spirit opened themselves wide to me – and I was transformed.

Here, you will find some of the very first whispers from that time.  A Special Being brought me the childlike, simple truths which would become the foundation for every intricate, complex wisdom I would come to learn.  They ARE simple – deceptively so.  And yet . . . they change everything.

Each of these ultimately become their own class.  They seem to continually expand and deepen in a never-ending spiral of Light that is the hallmark of ONENESS.  Infinite expansions of light.

Come.  Take a peek.  Just listen.  And let the magic begin.

I was utterly transformed as these SEEDS took root in my life.  My Heart took over and my mind learned to expand.

You can too.  And then – and only then – does THE REAL MAGIC begin!  It’s unlike ANYTHING you may yet imagine.

Why wait?!?


Computer Fairy


1st Truths Of Light #02


“Being Who You Truly Are”


Every story has a beginning. But this one began long before I knew.

Magic happens that way – appearing before us, in plain sight, but hidden from view.

Until . . . we open our eyes. Until we SEE with our heart’s sight.

Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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