Born Of Oneness

All true LIGHT is ever born of oneness.

This is the secret to every perplexing thing in the universe.  Be it something which seems unsolvable – or something which clearly happens but you cannot fathom how it can be so . . . the secret key lies, always and ever, in ONENESS.

Oneness is not truly understood on earth.  But it can be.  Gifted to me in extraordinary connections of Light with some of THE most magical, soulful beings you could ever imagine, much less know – THE TRUTHS of THE ONENESS of LIGHT guide my life the way most people’s breath guides their own existence.  Innate.  Intrinsic.  Automatic.



It can be lived. 

It is real and true. 

And more than these, it is . . . THE SECRET WEALTH OF THE UNIVERSE.  Forget about Buffett and Gates. TRUE WEALTH lives always within us.

Come.  Learn about ONENESS.  IT is your home.   And believe me when I say . . . there is nothing more important to any soul or essence of light . . . than returning to that home.

Doing so is a magical journey.  A transit of alchemy and metamorphosis that does not just change and transform – it births anew.  Prepare to do just that.  BIRTH ANEW.  It’s potent – powerful – extraordinary.  It unlocks every secret you have ever dreamed of and far beyond those you have yet to fathom.  It is an ETERNAL and INFINITE STATE.  And it is your destiny.  As it has become mine.

If you’re ready – the magic begins here.  Tonight.  Just wait.  It will beckon.  And then you’ll know what to do.  Reach out when you’re ready.  Our Classes are waiting for you.  They’re not so much TEACHINGS as they are this . . . REVELATIONS of THE LIVING TRUTHS OF LIGHT.

Oh, this is not what you think!  It’s beyond anything you might ever imagine.  It takes everything you believe and think you know and bids it fly away.  And in its place?  Ahhhh . . . .true illumination is born.

Come.  It is Time.  We’ve been waiting for you now for over a decade.  THE TIME IS NOW.  YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE.  WE AWAIT . . . only YOU.

Are you here?

WE ARE.  Let’s begin.